Cold Fire Remote Control Firing Systems for Stage Fountains

We have achieved specialization in providing an exceptional range of Cold Pyro Fire Work Extensively used in various occasions like parties, marriages and festivals, these crackers are applauded for their attributes like low smoke emission, longer life and attractive firework display.

8 & 12 cue+ Stage indoor fountain firing system +charing battery

The products include one remote with 12 keys and 12 pcs receivers for cold flame,There are Part A and Part B on the controller bottom ,Each receiver has battery inside. Can take in the biggest diameter for clod flame is 4.2CM.the distance of the remote is about 80M.

Usage Introduction

1. You can set the control number for the receivers by yourself, through doing that, you can use one key to control many pcs receivers firing together.

(for example :setting NO.1 of the remote to control 12 pcs receivers, when you press NO.1, those 12 pieces receivers will fire together.) When you take the goods from the godown, we set one key to control one receiver for you.

2. turn on the power ,the green (power) and white(test) light will be bright, then press the button of the remote, the green light will be extinguish and the white light will be more bright than before, it means the remote and the receive is normal.

3. Put the product connecting with the receiver, if the green light will be bright, it means the connecting is normal.

4. Far away the fireworks, use the remote to fire.

5. change remote: do not connect with products, use the small stick to press the small hole on the board of the machine, when the green light is flicking then press the remote and relax the stick at last relax the remote. it succeed.

6. charge: before using, charge two hours, can not be too long time or else damage the machine. when charging, turn off the power switch.

Connect with 220V voltage, the red light is open ,charging is normal.